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Non-Invasive Vein TreatmentsIn Paramus

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Small changes. Big results.

highly trained in non-invasive treatment options

There are many blood vessel problems we face, and as our bodies change and age, they can become more common. Chuback Vein Center in Paramus offers non-invasive vein treatments to address these vascular issues now, before they get worse. Our staff is highly trained in the latest non-invasive treatment options, also known as conservative treatment. We can help you make the small changes that lead to big results.

What are Non-Invasive Vein Treatments?

significantly help with the discomfort and appearance

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Non-invasive vein treatments focus on supplements and lifestyle changes that have been proven to reduce the effects of venous insufficiency. These complications form when — due to age, weight, or other factors — our veins lose the ability to transport blood properly. When this happens, blood pools in the veins or capillaries and can lead to pain and swelling. Whether you’re struggling with varicose veins or spider veins, making adjustments to your lifestyle or adding supplements to your diet can often help.

Non-invasive treatment strategies can typically be broken down into three categories. They can be used individually, but usually, a combination of treatments is recommended. The categories are:

  • Lifestyle/diet — weight and diet management, focused on cardiovascular health and maintenance of a healthy BMI
  • Support devices — compression stockings and other devices are employed to promote normal blood flow
  • Dietary Supplements — supplements including bioflavonoids and other natural and synthetic compounds have been shown to support healthy venous function

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While non-invasive treatments have been shown to significantly help with the discomfort and appearance of vein problems, it is important to remember, these solutions only provide temporary relief. Still, they are an excellent option for people who can’t or don’t yet want to undergo more invasive procedures. When you visit Chuback Vein Center, you’ll meet with one of our vascular specialists, who will be able to help you identify the treatment strategy that’s right for you.

What are the Benefits of Non-Invasive Vein Treatments?

best possible care

All vein treatments recommended at Chuback Vein Center are safe and effective. We strive to provide the best possible care in a comfortable and supportive environment. Non-invasive treatments are ideal for those who don’t have severe or extensive vein problems and whose painful conditions are relatively minor.

Because these strategies don’t involve injections or surgery, you won’t have any recovery time or physical restrictions. This also means there is no risk of additional inflammation or recovery pain, however it is important to understand that venous insufficiency is progressive and symptoms may worsen without advanced treatment. Perhaps the most significant benefit of non-invasive vein treatment is the establishment of an ongoing doctor-patient relationship. Throughout your treatment, you’ll receive advice and support from a specialist with years of education and expertise in circulation issues. They’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you fully understand your treatment plan and that it seamlessly fits into your lifestyle.

Am I a Candidate for Non-Invasive Vein Treatments?

Our non-invasive vein treatments in Paramus are safe and effective for virtually everyone who is in generally good health. If you suffer from spider veins, varicose veins, or other vein problems that cause you pain or loss of confidence, these treatments will likely be helpful to you. The most important factor for receiving effective treatment is a willingness and commitment to follow your doctor’s advice.

It’s also essential that you understand your treatment options and have realistic expectations for your results.Your vascular specialist will closely examine your condition and medical history during your consultation to identify any underlying conditions during your consultation. If your condition is more extensive than you thought, they’ll work with you and your primary care physician to address your issues. Our Paramus vein specialist at Chuback Vein Center will talk you through your options and find the one to best address your specific needs.

Non-Invasive Vein Treatment Procedure

customized treatment

Your customized treatment plan will be determined by the strategy or strategies you choose to employ.

Lifestyle/Diet Changes

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can make a significant positive impact on the condition of your veins. If you’re carrying extra weight, it can put extra pressure on your veins, making it difficult for them to function properly. Regular exercise is also critical. Consistently moving your legs and body and putting it under gentle strain can help your muscles pump the blood through your veins and back up to your heart, promoting normal, healthy vein function. Through this combination of weight management and exercise, proper blood flow can be improved.

Support Devices

Compression socks and stockings are good for promoting good circulatory health, and they’re easy to use. These specially-made items of clothing work by applying graduated pressure to your legs. “Graduated pressure” means they’re tighter around the ankles and get looser as they move up your calf muscles. They’re an excellent option in various everyday situations like sitting or standing for long periods or while pregnant, but especially when treating venous insufficiency in the legs.


Dietary supplements are available that promote healthy vein function. Chuback Vein Center recommends using supplements containing bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are compounds found in various plants (including parsley, citrus fruits, some teas, and even cocoa) which are extracted and concentrated into supplements.

Non-Invasive Vein Treatment Results

see results after a few months

The results you experience will be determined by the treatment strategy you choose to employ. In any case, the goal is to reduce the pain and appearance of spider and varicose veins. Depending on the treatment method, Paramus non-invasive vein treatment patients typically see results after a few months.

Patients who use support devices tend to see results more quickly, although these results typically disappear when the compression socks or stockings are removed. Positive results thanks to lifestyle/dietary changes and supplements can take a few months to appear and usually are first detected through improvements in measurements of weight, blood pressure, or cardiovascular function. A long-term commitment to these positive changes is essential, and you can do it with the support of the experts at Chuback Vein Center and your family, friends, and community.

Consult Chuback Vein Center About Non-Invasive Vein Treatments

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The board-certified vascular specialists at our accredited vein clinic in Paramus, New Jersey, are ready to assist you. They will help you find the safe and effective non-invasive vein treatment option that addresses your needs. You can schedule a consultation by calling us at (201) 261-1772 or by filling out the appointment form on this page. At Chuback Vein Center, we’re excited to help you get rid of vein pain and get moving again!

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